About us

Birding and wildlife at Iguazu Falls

Wildlife Paraguay

This company was created as a result of a great passion for nature and wildlife, to develop ecological research and to promote the conservation of important ecosystems in Paraguay. Wildlife Paraguay offers birdwatching and wildlife tours at different sites across the country.

Wildlife Paraguay is the only tour operator specialized in birding and nature in the country, recognized by our National Tourism Office, SENATUR, registration N° 644 by Resolution N° 1.322/2017.

Our Mission

Wildlife Paraguay misssion’s is to offers a unique experience through differentiated and custom tours, with a high commitment in conservation and biodiversity research in the country.

Our objectives are:

  1. To offer guided birding and wildlife tours by professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of the wildlife in the most biodiverse areas of Paraguay.
  2. To stimulate ecotourism in the country, providing a source of income and promoting local, national and international awareness for the conservation of areas in the country.
  3. To monitor the fauna and their habitats, at different sites in Paraguay.
  4. To support and develop conservation strategies in the country.

Who we are

Alberto. Lago San Rafael

Alberto Esquivel Mattos. Ph.D. in Ornithology

Birdwatching leader and Principal Investigator


Birdwatching guideMyriam Velázquez

Birdwatching guide