Alberto Esquivel Mattos
Ph.D. in Ornithology

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Alberto is a Paraguayan biologist considered to be one of the best ornithologists of Paraguay. His experience as ornithologists first started at the Asociación Guyra Paraguay (the Paraguayan partner of BirdLife International), in which he was involved in many projects that focus in faunal inventories and identification of important sites for birds throughout Paraguay. Through these journeys, Alberto has become one of the best to find cryptic and endangered bird species, with the ability to identify many of them by their vocalizations.

Alberto has also invested many years to study the birds of the Atlantic Forest, one of the most biodiverse and threatened ecorregions of the world. His studies have been subject of his Ph.D. dissertation “Bird communities of the Atlantic Forest of Paraguay” and his book “Aves de San Rafael” (Birds of San Rafael”).

Alberto is continually researching about birds of Atlantic Forest of Paraguay, and is constantly developing projects to help conserving the biodiversity of his country.

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