Anuran community of Atlantic Forest

Trampas pozo en San Rafael


An anuran community is being studied in a 100-ha plot of Atlantic Forest of San Rafael National Park, Paraguay. The objectives of this research is to describe the structure of the community, estimate species density and to assess the main factors influencing the presence and abundances of anuran species. Thirty-five pitfall traps grids and 40 100-m transects have been sistematically distributed throughout the forest. Pitfall traps are monitored periodically and transects once per month. Individuals  found at traps and transect are recorded and measured. Environmental variables are recorded at each grid and transect: vegetation structure, distances to closest aquatic habitat, soil temperature and humidity.


Volunteers that would like to contribute with this research are welcome throughout the year. Volunteers will learn how to measure anurans and to identify species. Volunteers`s tasks includes: 1) monitore pitfall traps; 2) measure and identify individuals; 3) record habitat variables; 4) census anuran transects.


Trampas pozo en San Rafael

Pitfall Traps at San Rafael National Park