Atlantic Forest bird community


A 100-ha plot of primary forest at San Rafael National Park was studied during 2004-2006. Bird censuses and measurements of vegetation parameters were conducted in order to describe patterns of composition and organization of the bird community and identify relationships between the vegetation structure and bird presence and abundances. This forest plot has recently suffered of selective logging during 2009-2011, and the impact of this human activities has not been evaluated in this threatened ecorregion in Paraguay, which may reduce habitat complexity and community composition. Bird censuses will be conducted from September 2012 to December 2014, using 10-min point counts, mapping method and mist net at 35 count stations distributed sistematically in the forest plot. The data obtained during this period will be compared with data obtained during 2004-2006 in order to: compare the composition, richness and abundance of a bird community of Atlantic Forest before and after selective logging; identify guilds and species that are more sensitive to this human disturbances; identify relationships between vegetation structures and presences and abundances of birds in the Atlantic Forest.


Ringers are welcome to volunteer in this project throughout the year. If you are not a ringer and would like to participate in this research, we offer a 10 days training periods so you can work with us:

Training dates:

During 2013: 02nd to 11th April, 03rd to 12th September, 14th to 23rd October.

During 2014: 10th to 19th March, 15th to 24th July, 08th to 17th September, 13th to 22nd October.

Our scientific publications of this research

Esquivel M., A. & Peris, S. J. 2012. Estructura y organización de una comunidad de aves del Bosque Atlántico
de San Rafael, Paraguay. Ornitología Neotropical 23 : 569-584. (PDF)