Five ecorregions in 20 days

Atlantic Forest, Cerrado, Dry Chaco, Humid Chaco and Mesopotamian Grasslands

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Price for 2 people: US$  8,000 or € 7,000

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This tour combines different ecosystems of Paraguay: from pure grasslands (campo limpo) to woodlands (cerrado denso) of the Cerrado,  grasslands and wetlands of the Mesopotamian Grasslands, salty lagoons and xerophitic forest from the Dry Chaco, savannahs of the Humid Chaco and humid forest of the Atlantic Forest. During this tour, our birdlist can reach over 450 species and also gives you the opportunity to know the great falls at Yguazú and Saltos del Monday, the transparent water of the lakes of Laguna Blanca, the salt lakes that holds great concentrations of water birds in Central Chaco and the dunes of Médanos del Chaco.

Over 60 Atlantic Forest endemic species including threatened ones such as Solitary Tinamou, Saffron Toucanet, White-browed Woodpecker, Helmeted Woodpecker, Southern Bristle-Tyrant, Bare-throated Bellbird and Blackish-blue Seedeater.
Many Chaco endemics: Brushland Tinamou, Cream-backed Woodpecker, Black-legged Seriema, Great Rufous Woodcreeper, Scimitar-billed Woodcreeper, Crested Gallito, Many-colored Chaco-Finch and Black-capped Warbling-Finch.
Cerrado endemics including the endangered White-winged Nightjar, that is currently known to occurred  in only four sites, two of them in Paraguay; Collared Crescentchest, Curl-crested Jay, and Black-throated Saltator.
  • Day 0: Participants arrive at Silvio Pettirossi International Airport, 10 km from Asunción, lodging at Quinta Ykua Satí.
  • Day 1: Early departure for Ybicuí National Park, where we will spend the day birding and watching wildlife. Night at Mamorei Casa de Campo.
  • Day 2: Continue birding in the morning, departing for San Rafael before noon. We arrive in the late afternoon so as to take advantage of the afternoon peak in bird activity.
  • Day 3: We will spend these days bird and wildlife watching in Yataí, south of San Rafael: this is the base for the Pro Cosara conservation organisation. At night we will use playback, hoping to find Rusty-barred Owl, Black-banded Owl and Common Potoo.
  • Day 4: We will visit the grasslands of Guyra Paraguay’s (BirdLife International partner) Estancia Kanguery in the mid-west of the park where we will spend the day observing grassland and wetlands birds.
  • Day 5: We`ll spend the morning birding and wildlife watching on the perimeter of San Rafael. After midday we will leave for Itaipú Reserve network, to reach during the afternoon the Reserva Biológica Itabó.
  • Day 6: We will visit one of the Itaipú Reserves, Reserva Biológica Limoy, during the morning, and in the afternoon we will visit the Saltos del Monday waterfalls.
  • Day 7: We will spend one day at the Iguazú Falls (check if you will need visa).
  • Day 8: A morning visit to Refugio Biológico Mbaracayú (Itaipú Reserves), leaving after midday to Reserva Natural del Bosque Mbaracayú.
  • Day 9: All-day birding and wildlife watching in the surrounds of Jejui Mí,  the main station of Mbaracayú.
  • Day 10: Early departure for Aguara Ñu, east of Mbaracayú, that has Cerrado. Birding and wildlife watching all day until nightfall at Aguara Ñu with the aim of seeing White-winged Nightjar.
  • Day 11: Morning birding at Jejui Mí and after midday we will travel to Laguna Blanca, to continue birding during the afternoon.
  • Day 12: All day birding at Laguna Blanca`s grasslands and woodlands.
  • Day 13: Leaving early in direction to the Chaco. We will do birding and wildlife watching in different parts of Route 3, 5 and 9, where we will have different ecosystems, including the savannahs of Humid Chaco.
  • Day 14: After breakfast at Loma Plata Hotel we will leave for Laguna Capitán, where we will spend the rest of the morning birding. In the afteernoon we will visit Campo María. Optional drive during night to look for Chaco Owl and nightjars.
  • Day 15: We spend the day at Chaco Lodge, birding and wildlife watching along the perimeter of the lake and in dry forest.
  • Day 16: Visit Campamento Yaragui during the morning and in the afternoon we´ll go to Teniente Enciso National Park.
  • Day 17: Bird and wildlife watching at Teniente Enciso National Park.
  • Day 18: We´ll leave early to visit Médanos del Chaco National Park and return to Teniente Enciso during the afternoon.
  • Day 19: Spend the day at Estancia Salazar Nature Reserve.
  • Day 20: We´ll enjoy the morning wildlife watching at Estancia Salazar NR, and in the afternoon we will return to Asunción.

Tour price per person: € 3,100 or US$ 3,500 (minimum five people)

Less than 5 people, the price per person is

Euros US$
1 person 5,800 6,500
2 people 3,950 4,500
3 people 3,500 4,000
4 people 3,300 3,750

Single supplement:  € 440 or US$ 500.

*Prices for tours on other dates are the same as posted here, depending on the number of people involved. If you are interested in other dates, please contact us so that we can look for other people interested in doing the same route on the dates you requested!

The price for this tour includes:

  • Pick up and return to Silvio Pettirossi Airport
  • Accomodation in double rooms
  • All meals
  • Transport
  • Guiding fees

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