San Rafael Short Tour 

Robin Nordqvist – Sweden (27th to 30th September 2013)

Total bird species: 166 recorded / 124 observed. Other: Brown Capuchin and an armadillo not identified.

A unique chance to see a big mix of rare species, taking part of a mesmerizing environment and to get to know some really nice people!

I really liked how the whole situation concerning the conservation of the park was explained to me. The guide had excellent skills, both social and in his subject. And last, but not least, the beatiful nature and all the amazing birds. Awesome food and lodging!

Cecilia Adolfsson – Sweden (27th to 30th September 2013)

Total bird species: 166 recorded / 124 observed. Other: Brown Capuchin and an armadillo not identified.

If you want to learn more about birds in Paraguay, with the help of the knowledgeable tour guide and ornithologist, you should definitely choose Wildlife Paraguay.

The long days that we spent in San Rafael nature reserve looking for birds. Christine´s food, Alberto´s knowledge on birds (and English) and all the great walks. All the birds I saw (and all the other animals, both wild and domesticated ones). These are aspects that I liked most from our trip.