2017 & 2018

14th – 20th April:  Mbaracayú Biosphere Reserve, Cerrado and Atlantic Forest.

26th June – 15th July: Five ecorregions in 20 days.

08th – 15th July: Great Chaco: Humid and Dry Chaco.

1st – 07th September: San Rafael: richest biodiversity in Paraguay

24th September – 13th October: Five ecorregions in 20 days.

06th – 13th October: Great Chaco: Humid and Dry Chaco.

24th – 30th October: San Rafael: richest biodiversity in Paraguay.

07th – 26th November: Five ecorregions in 20 days.

19th – 26th November: Great Chaco: Humid and Dry Chaco.


If you are interested in one tour, and dates are not convenient, or you would like a different route, do not hesitate to contact us.

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