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Jabiru - Birding Paraguay Chaco

San Rafael aerial viewRichest biodiversity in Paraguay: San Rafael Short Tour

San Rafael National Park is a 730 km2 reserve that includes the ecorregions of the AtlanticForest and Mesopotamian Grasslands. Over 416 bird species have been recorded in its area, including 27 endangered and near-threatened species. It includes the highestnumber of Atlantic Forest endemic birds in the country.

Cerro CoráBird watching in a historical park of Paraguay: Cerro Cora National Park

Cerro Cora National Park holds an interesting mixture of Cerrado and Atlantic Forest habitats, and is also one of the most important sites to get in touch with the history of the country. In its area ocurred the last battle of the Triple Alliance War, where Mariscal Francisco Solano López died.

Chironectes minimusTwo of the most important biodiversity hotspots in the world: Mbaracayú Short Tour

Mbaracayú Biosphere Reserve includes two of the most important ecorregions in the world: the savannah ecosystems of the Cerrado and the humid Atlantic Forest. These two habitats have high levels of biodiversity as well as very high levels of species endemism. Unfortunately, they are also amongst the most threatened.


Red Tegus - Salvator rufescens - Birding and Nature Tours ChacoHumid and Dry Chaco Short Tour

In a short tour to the Chaco, you will enjoy of the wonderful birds of the Humid Chaco, with a great number of aquatic species such as Great Egret, Cocoi Heron, Maguari and Wood Stork and Jabiru, with targets such as Strange-tailed Tyrant. In the Central Chaco we will find many of the Chaco endemics, including Chaco Nothura, Chaco Owl, Black-legged Seriema and Great Rufous Woodcreeper.