Volunteer and Research opportunities

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As one of our objectives is to help to conserve the biodiversity of Paraguay, WildLife Paraguay is always involved in conservation projects and biological research. These projects and research are developed at San Rafael National Park, which is the area of highest priority for conservation in Paraguay.

Our projects are developed with our local NGO partner Pro Cosara. We invite you to contribute with us to save the endangered and megadiverse reserve of San Rafael.

How to Participate in our Projects

WILDLIFE VOLUNTEER PROGRAM: In our projects there are many scientific field work in which you will enjoy participating. You will learn different techniques and specific methodologies used in each research, and will have the opportunity to know a great number of Atlantic Forest species.

Our WILDLIFE VOLUNTEER PROGRAM begins at specific dates throughout the year, as it requires a training period before you can start as a scientific volunteer.

Developing your own research at San Rafael

WILDLIFE RESEARCH PROGRAM: We encouraged as well the development of more biological or environmental studies at San Rafael. Through our WILDLIFE RESEARCH PROGRAM, visiting researchers are welcome to develope their own investigations.

We will help you to plan your research, so your time at San Rafael could be more effective and realistic to meet the objectives of your study.  We will provide you as well with our experience, and will advice you about any difficulties during your visit.


Actual Projects and Research

Click here if you want to know about our actual projects and research at San Rafael National Park.

11-CAP2-1434 Project “UNESCO CHAIR in Education for Sustainable Development: strengthening local research in the area of biodiversity and links to society”

Past projects

Click here if you want to know more about our past projects, and the objectives we have accomplished for conservation of San Rafael.